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spiffmeister central

i need to put on pants because it's time to play with binary

1/3/09 10:20 pm - let's see how it goes THIS time

hey everyone-

so my desire to update normally has been watered down on "where" to update. i have this, i have a myspace, i have a deviant-art account, a facebook, a blah blah blah, etc. so i'm finally consolidating all my ramblings (save those specifically for nerdapalooza) to my new blog... "The Journal of John "hex" Carter. You can follow it here if you are so inclined. i'll still lurk here and read your stuff, but i'll stop posting. well... at least that's how i'm planning it... :P

~jtc / hex

11/20/08 09:52 am - survey says... THE SOUL STILL BURNS!!

so, my day so far has consisted of reviewing a nerdcore hip-hop album and finding out i'm going to go watch a video game cover band open for DRAGONFORCE on saturday. later tonight i shall be watching the new bond flick... after my physics tutoring session (i'm the tutor).

gawd... i love being a nerd. maybe i'll spend some time at the local arcade just to kick some pre-teen's ass at soul calibur.

11/20/08 01:28 am - dear friends...

i had a cell phone... it died. with it died my contact list.

if you have my phone number, please call me. not only could i use your phone number, but i could probably use a chat from you. :) <3

john "hex"

11/17/08 07:01 pm - hey ronald, do you enjoy my soul now that i've sold it to you for a full-time job?

(comic slice from dr. mcninja)

11/14/08 01:13 am - revelation and stuff

this is gonna be a bit of a long post... so for those that don't care i'll just hide it.Collapse )

and since i less than three keith olbermann so much, i'll post this.

i may not be in cali anymore, but with prop 2 over here... i still feel the h8.

9/8/08 10:54 pm - I'm in Blender Magazine!!

No kidding!! The article about Nerdapalooza came out this week. If you get a chance, go check it out! If not, I am mentioned on this.

Blender Coverage
(click on image to see it bigger)

I... I think Nerdapalooza might be taken seriously now. Here's hopin!

9/1/08 09:30 pm - i'm still laughing

especially the fact that fulgore's name is on the tag.

8/30/08 02:21 am - in case you haven't popped the box open...

.... i highly encourage you to peep Pandora. basically, it is a website that dynamically generates radio stations for you based off of a suggestion. off of a Richard Cheese channel, i've heard both an Elvis impersonator do an AMAZING cover of Come As You Are and then Paul Anka do Smells Like Teen Spirit. I don't know how Kurt would feel about all this, but I know I'm digging it.

I highly recommend a channel dedicated to Jamiroquai for the amazing funk and jazz, and one to Daft Punk if you prefer something a bit dancier.

That's it for now... ^_^

8/29/08 02:06 am - charles babbage in a comic? that's something to blog about!!


8/28/08 02:26 pm - BBC: Putin Blames US for Georgia Role

According to the BBC, Putin is putting the blame of the recent aggressions in Georgia on the US. Since the moment he appointed himself Prime Minister of Russia with a puppet as president, I've been pretty nervous... thinking a Cold War II was on the horizon... only to have those fears encouraged by how the Russian government sided with Iran while our government was antagonizing them. And recently, whilst the eyes of the world were turned to a militaristic giant with civil rights issues and enjoying the Olympics, the militaristic giant with civil rights issues next to it commenced what can only be speculated as the repeating of history.

Poetically enough, just as the last of the Kennedy brothers is on his last legs, an echo from an era that claimed a large portion of his family is emerging from the shadows to remind America that not all is well. America has two choices in November... and I'm really nervous about what will come of it either way. I don't foresee any light at the end of the tunnel, for either choice, either from a warmongering elitistic schmuck or an idealistic man who promises change. And if there's ONE thing that history has taught me, those in power FEAR change, and when those in power fear something, we know how they react.

We live in a very pivotal age. Do you realize it?
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